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1 year ago Cancer

20 Best Cancer Hospitals in India – Book Appointment, Cost, Contacts

Welcome to Doctors Review India. We’ve collected a list of best cancer hospitals in India to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Here we have listed Top 20 best cancer hospitals in India by speciality. Get Opinion and cost estimate from any hospital. Below listed all cancer centers offers all types of cancer treatments.

Cancer is a  hazardous disease which affects a person and his family brutally.

In whole world people are affected by this menacing disease and search for better treatment options which would be economical too.

It is the basic reason that many cancer patients from different sections of World,  come to India looking for cancer treatment. Many Indian Hospitals are internationally acclaimed having accreditations like NABH and JCI . These hospitals are equipped with the essential technology which is required to deal with Cancer. Some of the hospitals have oncologist who have got training and have years of experience in cancer treatment.

After observing the sheer number of hospitals, you must be confused and ask         

“What are the best hospitals in India”?

For your convenience , we have shortlisted Best Cancer Hospitals in India. For a better and easier approach , we have listed the hospitals according the city as: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. If you feel that it is difficult to find specific Cancer Hospital according its type  then also we have given further differentiation as  Best Blood Cancer Hospitals, Breast Cancer Hospitals, Prostate Cancer Hospitals, and Lung Cancer Hospitals in India.

What are the Common cancers (In India)?

Cancer of lip and oral cavity has emerged as the deadliest among Indian men while for Indian women, it is breast cancer.

The most common cancers in men are:

  1. lip/oral cavity,
  2. lung,
  3. colorectum,
  4. prostate &
  5. pharynx.

While among women most common cancers are:

  1. breast,
  2. cervix,
  3. colorectum,
  4. ovary &
  5. lip/oral cavity.

1. Sterling Cancer Hospitals

Sterling Cancer Hospital India

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Besides, Sterling Cancer Hospitals India is proud of investing in technologically advanced infrastructure and comprehensive treatment facilities. Our facilities are a par with several advanced hospitals in developed countries around the world.


  • Medical Visa Assistance
  • Medical Travel assistance
  • Pick and Drop Facility from Airport
  • Accommodation and Site seeing
  • Tele- Medication
  • Follow Up Support
  • E- Consultation
  • 2nd Opinion Facility

2. Apollo Cancer Hospitals

Apollo Cancer Hospital Ahmedabad, India

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Apollo Hospitals is one of the best cancer hospitals in India with 10 dedicated hospitals across Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Madurai, Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar & Bilaspur.

To the thousands of patients who visit for cancer treatment in India, the Apollo Hospitals Cancer Centre symbolizes hope that Cancer is Conquerable. The Cancer care system at Apollo Hospitals involves over 125 surgical and radiation Oncology specialists as well as diagnostic consultants that offer comprehensive Cancer Care. The mission is to take the fight against cancer to the next frontier, and redefine clinical benchmarks and outcomes.

The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai, India is South East Asia’s first Proton Therapy Centre and a game changer in cancer care. Proton Therapy is the most advanced form of Radiation Therapy with significant benefits during and after cancer treatment

1 year ago Orthopaedic

Top 10 Best Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Spine Surgery Specialist in Ahmedabad

Looking for Spinal Surgery Doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat? There are many surgeons and doctors offering spine treatment, Here we have shared top 10 spine & Spinal Surgery treatment provider in Ahmedabad. Gujarat.

Suffering for the back pain? or Searching for the best spine surgeon in Ahmedabad? Here we have listed Ahmedabad’s top 10 spine specialist doctors. These spine surgeons are knowledgeable, have experienced team of specialists includes top surgeons who are all board –certified and fellowship trained. They are emphasizes the importance of making an accurate diagnosis and spine treatment plan at the onset. If surgery is neccessary, spine surgery of any level of complexity can be performed in a timely fashion in Ahmedabad.

Top 10 Best Spine Surgeons who wellknown for housing experienced Pain Management Specialists in Ahmedabad

Spine Surgeon Ahmedabad provide the most advanced & affordable Pain Management services at spine specialist center Ahmedabad from Head to Toe Pain. Best Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad not only diagnose the reason behind pain but also treat the pain and bring patient normal to their routine life. This kind of Interventional Pain Management surgeons are becoming popular across Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Spine Specialist Doctors in Ahmedabad

The most frustrating aspect of the treatment of back pain in Ahmedabad is that it often takes time for symptoms to resolve. Most individuals recover completely by simply avoiding stress to the back. Keep in mind, though, that this does not mean prolonged bed rest. Instead, slow and mild physical activity can improve recovery time.

Spine Surgery in Ahmedabad is usually reserved for the treatment of back pain that does not resolve with simple steps. However, there are some conditions where surgery may be necessary. Here listed Best Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad can help you determine when surgery may be an appropriate treatment for your condition.

When to See a Spine Surgeon Ahmedabad?

  • Your back pain persists beyond a few days
  • Any other unusual symptoms
  • You have difficulty controlling your bowels or bladder
  • Your back pain awakens you at night
  • You have a fever, chills, sweats, or other signs of infection

Top 10 Spine Surgery Specialists in Ahmedabad

The spine doctors are specialist in Microscopic Spine Surgery, Back Pain Treatment without Surgery, Spinal Block, Trauma Surgery, Joint & knee Replacement surgeries. The Top Spine Doctors in Ahmedabad and Top Spine Surgeons in Ahmedabad work 24×7!

1. Dr . Tarak Patel

  • About – Dr. Tarak Patel is one of the leading Spine Surgeons in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He has completed MBBS and M.S in Orthopaedic Surgery. Besides his training and experience of working in the United Kingdom, Dr. Tarak Patel has worked as a Spine Surgeon, with some of the premium medical facilities in India including Breach Candy Hospital and Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, Apollo Hospital in Chennai and Ganga Hospital in Coimbatore.
  • Specialities – Back Disorders, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolysis & Spondylolisthesis, Kyphosis & Scoliosis, Thoracolumbar Spine Fractures, Osteoporosis & Compression Fractures, Thoracolumbar Spine Tumors, Low Back Pain, Sciatica (Leg Pain), Thoracolumbar Spine Infections, Degenerative Disc Disease, Neck Disorders, Neck Pain, Herniated Disc, Radiculopathy (Arm Pain), Spinal Stenosis & Myleopathy, Cervical Spine Fractures & Dislocations, Spinal Cord Injury, Sports Injuries, Cervical Spine Tumors, Cervical Spine Infections, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Direction – Map | Website – Dr Tarak Patel
1 year ago Cancer

10 Best Cancer Doctors & Oncologist in Ahmedabad

Cancer Doctor Ahmedabad – Book Doctor Appointment, Consult Online, View Doctor Fees, User Reviews, Address and Phone Numbers of Oncologists in Ahmedabad. In this post we have shared top 10 cancer surgeons in Ahmedabad, Gujarat who offering affordable cancer treatment & oncology services in all over India. These doctors are popular for cancer second opinion surgeons in Ahmedabad.

1. Dr Bhavna Parikh Ahmedabad

Dr Bhavna Parikh Ahmedabad

Dr Bhavna Parikh
  • About – Dr Bhavna Parikh attached with Shubham Hospital(1st Floor, Shubham Complex, Opp. Jain Derasar, Nr. Navarangpura Bus Stand, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad – 380 009).
  • Address – 1st Floor, Subham Comple, Opp Jain Derasar, Nr Navrangpura Bus stand, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009
  • Website –
  • Treatments – Breast cancer services, GI cancer services and Gynec cancer services, Oncology, Breast cancer surgery and reconstruction surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • Contact No – 098257 50928

2. Dr Shailendra Singh Ahmedabad

Dr Shailendra Singh Ahmedabad
Dr Shailendra Singh Cancer Surgeon
  • About – Dr Shailendra Singh is the best Micro OncoReconstructive Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is Assistant Professor ( Plastic Surgery ) NHL Medical College Ahmedabad , Gujarat, India. ( since 2009). Dr Shailendra Singh started Private Practice in 1999 at Consultant Microvascular Surgeon, at Ahmedabad , India and 2009 Assistant Professor at NHL Medical college and V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
  • Address – B/H. Armeida, Off. Sindhu Bhavan Road, S. G. Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad Gujarat 380054
  • Website –
  • Treatments – Reconstruction in Head & Neck Cancer, Breast Reconstruction, pedicled flaps and local flaps
  • Contact No – 09825156277

3. Dr. Tarang Patel Ahmedabad

Dr. Tarang Patel Ahmedabad
Dr. Tarang Patel Ahmedabad
  • About – Dr. Tarang Patel, with work experience of more than 3 decades, belongs to first generation of qualified Surgical Oncologist of India. Dr. Tarang Patel is among the first few who performed pectorals major reconstruction out of institute in Gujarat. He is performing major and supra major head and neck cancer surgeries like Commando, Laryngectomy. He loves doing Thyroid, and Parotid surgery. He has special interest in Breast cancer. Dr. Tarang Patel is Best Cancer doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • Address – CIMS – Cancer Hospital, Off Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad – 380060, Gujarat, India
  • Website –
  • Treatments – Cancer Reconstruction Surgery, Surgical Oncology, head and neck cancer surgeries, Commando, Laryngectomy surgeries, Breast Reconstruction Breast Surgery Skin Cancer Surgery and Management
  • Contact No – +91-9825022074

4. Dr. Somesh Chandra Ahmedabad

Dr Somesh Chandra Ahmedabad

Dr. Somesh Chandra Ahmedabad
  • About – Dr. Somesh Chandra co-founder of Gujarat Society of Head Neck Oncology – Dr. Somesh Chandra is a surgical oncologist working in the field of cancer for nearly 25 years. he has dealt with all solid cancers and lately focuses more on a few common head-neck cancers) and challenging cancers (Lung, esophagus Ovary) . He has special interest in hereditary cancers, cancer genetics and cancer screening. He also performs Laser & Robotic surgery for various cancers.
  • Address – B/H. Armeida, Off. Sindhu Bhavan Road, S. G. Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad Gujarat 380054
  • Website –
  • Treatments – Cancer, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Surgery, Oncology, Skin Cancer Surgery and Management
  • Contact No – +91-9081000696

5. Dr. Kaustubh Patel Ahmedabad

Dr. Kaustubh Patel
  • About – Dr. Kaustubh Patel M.S., M.Ch. (Surgical Oncology) is a Director & Senior Consultant – Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist at HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad & the founder member of Aastha Oncology Associates. After completing M.B.B.S. from B.J.Medical College, he did MS & MCh from Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI) with highest marks in Gujarat University. Dr. Kaustubh Patel has introduced popularized many new surgical techniques in state of Gujarat including Microvascular, Minimal Invasive H&N Surgery (MAARSH), Trans Oral Endoscopic Laser Surgery (TOLS) & Trans Oral Robotic Surgery (TORS). Dr. Kaustubh Patel has won many Best presentation & Best paper awards at conferences including UICC.
  • Address – A 25, Aastha Clinic, C G Road, Naranpura, Near Lal Bunglow P O, Naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006
  • Website –
  • Treatments – Cancer, Surgical Oncology, Head Cancer, Neck Cancer, Cancer Surgery
  • Contact No – +91-079 2640 1905

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1 year ago Vascular

Microvascular Surgery – Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Tissue Transfer

Surgery on very small blood vessels such as those only 1 to 3 millimeters in diameter. Microvascular surgery is done through an operating-room microscope using specialized instruments and tiny needles with ultrafine sutures. Microvascular surgery is used to reattach severed fingers, hands, arms, and another amputated parts to the body by reconnecting the small blood vessels and restoring the circulation before the tissue starts to die. Microvascular surgery also can be used in reconstructive surgery.

Microvascular Surgery Means Doing Ananstomosis Of blood Vessels Under Microscope.

Free Flaps surgery is the transfer of skin, muscle or bone that is totally freed from the body with the artery and vein to a site needing reconstruction. Blood supply is re-established immediately by suturing the artery and vein to a nearby blood supply.

Microvascular Surgery techniques

Microvascular Surgery is performed through the use of a microscope, specialized instruments and tiny needles with ultra fine sutures. Using these techniques, three to five millimeter vessels can be repaired, enabling the reattachment of amputated fingers, hands and arms resulting from accidents or other trauma. This is called replantation surgery. Free-tissue transfer or free-bone transfer are types of reconstructive microvascular surgical techniques. Free-tissue transfer involves removing muscle with its blood vessels and then transferring the muscle to another location in the body. The muscle’s artery and vein are then hooked up to local blood vessels, which re-establish the muscle’s blood supply. This is often done for soft-tissue defects created by trauma or tumor surgery.

Free-bone transfer in Microvascular Surgery

Free-bone transfer is the removal of a bone with its blood supply. The bone is then implanted into a large bone defect in another area of the body.Blood supply is re-established by hooking up the bone’s artery to local arteries and veins. This procedure is particularly helpful for correcting bone defects created by trauma, tumor surgery or for reconstructing non-healing bones.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Tissue Transfer


Free flap reconstruction has several advantages over other methods, particularly in the head and neck. Free tissue transfers are usually designed as a single-stage procedure, as opposed to many of the pedicled reconstructions. Pedicled flaps require a less efficient use of tissue as entire muscles are defunctionalized in order to safely transfer enough tissue to fill the defect. Free transfers allow the harvest of exactly tailored grafts, minimizing donor morbidity. Similarly, free tissue transfers are usually associated with less postoperative atrophy, eliminating the need to overcorrect.

Head and neck defects are often inhospitable, requiring contact with saliva, nasal secretions, and tissues previously exposed to radiation and surgery. Well perfused free flaps are suited to these conditions. Pedicled flaps frequently have less perfusion at the margins, which may be very distant from the blood supply. Skull base defects may require a water-tight closure to prevent CSF leakage. Again, excellent perfusion at the wound edges make the free tissue transfers more likely to live up to these expectations.

Bony reconstruction is now virtually synonymous with free tissue transfer. Resorption, which plagued non-viable bony transfers is eliminated. Unlike other reconstructive techniques, primary osseointigration is now possible. Transferring well perfused tissues incites a strong union with the surrounding bone in as little as 1 to 2 months, eliminating the long term use of reconstruction plates.

Both functional and aesthetic advantages are abundant with free tissue transfers. Flap transfers capable of sensation are plausible with the use of neurofasciocutaneous free tissue transfers, unlike any of the pedicled flap transfers. Pedicle flaps are often less than perfect when the defect requires the extremes of massive bulk or thin, pliable tissue. Free flaps are not limited by these constraints. Along the same lines, pedicled flaps often transfer skin of a poor match to the host site. Free transfers provide a much wider range of skin characteristics.


The principal disadvantage in free tissue transfer is the technical demands required by the technique. A great deal of additional expertise and equipment is required intraoperatively, as well as perioperatively. This drives the costs of the patient’s care up significantly. Although the technique is usually performed with a two-team approach, an average of 4 hours are added to an already lengthy surgical procedure. Even in the most experienced hands, one can expect a 5 to 10 percent flap failure rate, usually due to thrombosis. Flap failure necessitates a second operative procedure as well as additional donor site morbidity if a second flap is required. This problem is encountered less frequently with pedicled flap reconstructions.

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