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Gastritis Symptoms and Treatment


As a form of inflammation found in the lining of the stomach, gastritis is typically indicated through indigestion, regardless of whether there is bleeding in the digestive tract. Oftentimes, acute gastritis will develop when individuals experience unexpected stress just like in cases of extensive burns or other forms of injury which are severe. It can also develop following surgery and will result to stress ulcers as well as intestinal bleeding that is very serious. Gastritis usually is prevalent with age and a lot of people who are affected have symptom of indigestion. But there are also several people who do not have perceptible symptoms which could be perilous when gastritis is due to the wearing down of the stomach lining accompanied with bleeding and can regularly be seen as a result of intake of aspirin and other medications. More often than not, individuals suffering from acute gastritis due to onset of a certain disease or injury were previously under hospital care for the treatment of their primary illness, thus, the warning signs brought about by gastritis are dealt with during the course of their hospital treatment. Long-term use of several medications just like aspirin and medicines for arthritis, stomach disorders such as Crohn’s disease, excessive intake of alcohol and presence of viral infections can lead to the occurrence of chronic inflammation. Lately, it has been found out that lots of cases of gastritis are due to the bacterium called Helicobacter pylon. This is also associated with peptic ulcers and is presently, the only bacterium that has the capacity to subsist within the acidic environment of the person’s stomach.

Even if food is not usually the cause for gastritis, those with the indications must elude intake of spicy food and also food which is highly acidic because these can irritate the lining of the stomach. Moreover, fatty foods, products with tomato as a component, chocolate, caffeine-containing beverages, tea and coffee which are equally decaffeinated, alcohol as well as peppermint should be avoided. These provisions can relax the valve located in between the stomach and the esophagus making it simpler for the contents inside the stomach to move back to the esophagus leading to more irritation. There are two types of gastritis, one is acute and the other one is chronic. Acute gastritis takes place when the inflammation found in the stomach lining will occur all of a sudden and is very critical. Chronic gastritis, on the other hand, occurs when the condition will develop in a gradual manner and anybody can have it for many years without having the symptoms.

Symptoms of Gastritis

Symptoms of Gastritis
Symptoms of Gastritis

If someone will develop acute gastritis, he will possibly experience an abrupt burning pain located at the upper abdominal area together with the feeling of queasiness. Whereas, those with chronic gastritis will not be able to sense any obvious symptoms whatsoever or they may experience symptoms which will arise in a gradual manner in the form of a dull aching pain, no desire for food or a sense of fullness despite taking only a small amount of food. Also, gastritis can lead to loss of weight, episodes of vomiting, bloating and even belching. In uncommon instances, bleeding may happen within the stomach which can become perceptible in the vomitus or in stools that seem like tarry and black in appearance during bowel movement.

Causes of Gastritis

Usually, the Helicobacter pylori bacterium or H. pylori for short is the predominant cause of chronic gastritis. This is very common and can be transmitted from one individual to another and approximately, more than fifty percent of the whole populace is affected with the bacterium. Yet, usually, this will not result to any predicaments or complication in a lot of people. It is not determined yet why H. pylori can lead to complications in certain individuals while other do not have. It is presumed that there are people who are prone to this bacterium because of their genetic makeup or possibly due to lifestyle reasons like smoking and high stress levels. If pain relievers which are termed as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS for short are being used regularly, acute and chronic gastritis will most likely occur. Some common NSAIDS which are available over-the-counter are “Advil”,”Motrin” and “Aleve”. If these medications are taken infrequently, the possibility of having gastritis is less. Acute cases of gastritis are usually evident in disproportionate intake of alcohol. The development of gastritis in several people is related with the presence of severe burns, big surgery, severe illness and also injuries that are traumatic.

Gastritis Treatment

Gastritis Treatment
Gastritis Treatments

The remedy for gastritis will depend on the kind of gastritis and the reasons behind it. For example in cases where gastritis is due to excessive intake of alcohol and NSAIDS, gastritis will disappear if these stuffs will be eliminated. If the reason for gastritis is due to infection caused by the bacterium H.pylori, the individual is prescribed with antibiotics so that the bacterium will be destroyed. Practically, all forms of gastritis are commonly treated through antacid therapy in order to lessen the presence of stomach acid along with the combination of any remedy given for the treatment of the primary reason behind it. In spite of the fact that numerous kinds of gastritis can be managed with over-the-counter medications, if you happen to experience any grave indications or bleeding, regardless of how little the amount can be in the form of vomiting or stool, it is extremely important to seek medical attention the soonest possible time so that proper medical assessment can be done.

Home Remedies for Gastritis

The water derived from the coconut is by far known to be the most calming and efficient remedy for persons who have gastritis. It is very useful for the treatment of the problem and will possible reduce the stomach inflammation making the individual feel more at ease. Aside from that, the juice extracted from both the spinach and carrots must be taken regularly if you have gastritis. Before you consume your meals, consumption of ½ cup of potato juice is also advisable. In addition, it is extremely significant that the person affected with gastritis is able to consume plenty of water on a regular basis.

Gastritis Diet

Since gastritis is related mostly related to the stomach, therefore it is necessary to take note of the foods that we eat. Some people believe that a gastritis diet is the best treatment for gastritis

Foods to Include: almonds, raw apples and tomatoes, papaya etc , wheat bran, fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, leafy vegetables, coconut water, banana, carrot juice, molasses,.

Foods to Exclude: whole milk, meat, cream, pork , alcohol, coffee, soda, citrus juices, spicy food, broccoli beans etc.

Avoiding stress is getting enough sleep is also recommended when you are suffering from gastritis. If you have difficulty sleeping, try using Melatonin supplement to improve your sleep. Melatonin is taken at least 30 minutes before bedtime. This food supplement will help you sleep faster and is a very common sleep aid used by insomniacs. There are few melatonin side effects that you may experience from using melatonin. The most common side effect of melatonin is becoming sleepy during the day and headaches. The most common melatonin dosage that you can buy in health shops is 3 mg. For some persons, 3 mg of melatonin is just too strong so you can just take half of the 3 mg melatonin tablet.

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