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Top 10 Best Knee Replacement Hospital in Ahmedabad


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When a Knee Replacement surgery Needed?

Knee replacement surgery is usually necessary when the knee joint is worn or damaged to the extent that your mobility is reduced and you experience pain even while resting.

More than 50% of elderly Indians suffer from Osteoarthritis.

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The most common reason for knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. Other conditions that cause knee damage include:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • haemophilia
  • gout
  • disorders that cause unusual bone growth (bone dysplasias)
  • death of bone in the knee joint following blood supply problems (avascular necrosis)
  • knee injury
  • knee deformity with pain and loss of cartilage

Types of knee replacement in Ahmedabad Hospitals offering

There are two main types of surgery, depending on the condition of the knee:

  • total knee replacement (TKR) – both sides of your knee joint are replaced in Ahmedabad
  • partial (half) knee replacement (PKR) – only one side of your joint is replaced in a smaller operation with a shorter hospital stay and recovery period in Ahmedabad

Searching for the best knee replacement hospitals in Ahmedabad? Then you have come to the right place, Here we have a shared list of top knee replacement hospitals in Ahmedabad. There are thousands of hospitals and clinic are available who offering knee pain treatments & knee replacement surgeries. Based on the patients’ reviews, Google my business listing, other business directory rating and reviews, we have prepared top knee replacement hospitals list for Ahmedabad.

Top 10 Knee Replacement Hospitals in Ahmedabad

1. Solitaire Knee Replacement Hospital Ahmedabad

Solitaire Knee Replacement Hospital Ahmedabad

Solitaire joint & Knee replacement clinic Ahmedabad is committed to provide best care in the field of knee replacement surgery. Our USP is to give personalized care in a very friendly environment using only the top notch implants with proven track record. The packages & facilities suites all class of patients.

2. Shaurya Hospital Ahmedabad

Shaurya Hospital Knee Replacement Hospital in Ahmedabad

Shaurya Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital located in the center of the city-Ahmedabad who offering one stop solution for knee replacement treatment in Ahmedabad. As a leading knee replacement hospital in Ahmedabad, we are updated with hitech healthcare infrastructure and an expert team of highly qualified, globally trained and well experienced specialist doctors to serve the society with unbiased healthcare to one and all. Shaurya Hospital is proud to have on board one of the best Knee Replacement Surgeon, Spine Surgeon, trauma surgeon and Paediatrician Orthopaedic with trained patient centric staff committed to deliver quality healthcare treatment in Ahmedabad.

3. Parekhs Hospital Ahmedabad

Parekhs Hospital Ahmedabad for Knee Replacement

Parekhs Hospital is one of leading knee replacement hospitals located in Ahmedabad. For over 50 years, we have been diligently serving the society with the best of healthcare facilities. The decision to administer a best hospital for knee surgery in Ahmedabad, Satellite, Bodakdev, Naranpura, Sabarmati, Gandhinagar, Navrangpura, Bopal, Sanand, Kalol, Mehsana. Total knee replacement surgery is preceded by a series of extensive procedures. Our specialists check you at several levels to determine your fitness to be able to undertake this procedure. Lowest Package For Knee Replacement in Ahmedabad.

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4. Aalok Orthocare Ahmedabad

Aalok Orthocare Ahmedabad - Knee Replacement Hospital

Aalok Orthocare Ahmedabad is the best trauma & joint and knee replacement hospital in Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. The Aalok Orthocare Hospital Ahmedabad is extremely concerned about the quality of its doctors’ work methods, result or treatment, services to the patients and patient’s safety. The most common joint replacement surgeries are knee, hip, elbow and shoulder. he operated patients are very happy with the “minimal bone cut, high flexion and good alignment technique in Ahmedabad.

5. Rugved Orthopaedic Hospital Ahmedabad

Rugved Orthopaedic & Knee Replacement Hospital Ahmedabad

Rugveda Hospital is a Center for the Computer Assisted Joint & Knee Replacement, Spine Care and Advanced Orthopaedics, situated in Vasna area of megacity, Ahmedabad at a very approachable location. Rugved Orthopaedic Hospital offering the best and affordable knee replacement services in Ahmedabad. The Hospital contains very soothing comforting ambience and aura that helps our patients to feel better and recover faster from their ailments. Apart from genuine and very humane, caring doctors, the Hospital is blessed with a very cooperative and intelligent hospital staff too.

6. LifeLine Hospitals Ahmedabad

LifeLine Hospitals Ahmedabad

Lifeline hospital is multi-specialty derives its name for knee replacement hospital in Ahmedabad. Where giving the complete freedom to do whatever you enjoy doing to get the new life with. World class treatment center with medical ICU, critical care unit hospital in Ahmedabad. The hospital serves 24X7 round the clock availability of Orthopedic surgeons, anesthetist etc. Lifeline multi-specialty where Knee replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad which bring the latest knowledge, expertise, years of experience, with latest technology, to serve the patients and looking forward for the treatment for hip and knee problems.

7. Ratan Multispeciality Hospital Ahmedabad

Ratan Multispeciality Hospital Ahmedabad

Ratan Hospital is a well-known and reputed Joint & knee replacement centre in Ahmedabad, especially in Maninagar area. Dr. Bipin R. Shah is one of the pioneers of knee replacement Surgeons in Ahmedabad. He has undergone extensive joint replacement training from United Kingdom and specialises in complex joint reconstructive procedures. He is one of the very few surgeons performing Revision Hip and Knee Surgery, Shoulder and Elbow replacement surgery.

8. Siddhi Vinayak Hospital Ahmedabad

Siddhi Vinayak Hospital Ahmedabad for Knee Replacement

Siddhi Vinayak Hospital is the top rated knee replacement hospital in Maninagar, Ahmedabad, For joint or knee replacement bacteria free operation theatre with LAMINAR AIR FLOW. Highly equipped operation theatre with ARTHROSCOPE and POWER INSTRUMENT for knee replacement surgery in Ahemdabad. All type of HIP & KNEE joint replacement surgeries including IMPORTED and INDIAN JOINTS. ICU back up for high risk surgeries. Well organised specialist team for PAIN MANAGEMENT & REHABILITATION. Team lead by best joint & knee replacement surgeon. Physiotherapist available inhouse.

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