20 Best Cancer Hospitals in India – Book Appointment, Cost, Contacts

20 Best Cancer Hospitals in India - Book Appointment, Cost, Contacts
20 Best Cancer Hospitals in India - Book Appointment, Cost, Contacts

Welcome to Doctors Review India. We’ve collected a list of best cancer hospitals in India to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Here we have listed Top 20 best cancer hospitals in India by speciality. Get Opinion and cost estimate from any hospital. Below listed all cancer centers offers all types of cancer treatments.

Cancer is a  hazardous disease which affects a person and his family brutally.

In whole world people are affected by this menacing disease and search for better treatment options which would be economical too.

It is the basic reason that many cancer patients from different sections of World,  come to India looking for cancer treatment. Many Indian Hospitals are internationally acclaimed having accreditations like NABH and JCI . These hospitals are equipped with the essential technology which is required to deal with Cancer. Some of the hospitals have oncologist who have got training and have years of experience in cancer treatment.

After observing the sheer number of hospitals, you must be confused and ask         

“What are the best hospitals in India”?

For your convenience , we have shortlisted Best Cancer Hospitals in India. For a better and easier approach , we have listed the hospitals according the city as: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. If you feel that it is difficult to find specific Cancer Hospital according its type  then also we have given further differentiation as  Best Blood Cancer Hospitals, Breast Cancer Hospitals, Prostate Cancer Hospitals, and Lung Cancer Hospitals in India.

What are the Common cancers (In India)?

Cancer of lip and oral cavity has emerged as the deadliest among Indian men while for Indian women, it is breast cancer.

The most common cancers in men are:

  1. lip/oral cavity,
  2. lung,
  3. colorectum,
  4. prostate &
  5. pharynx.

While among women most common cancers are:

  1. breast,
  2. cervix,
  3. colorectum,
  4. ovary &
  5. lip/oral cavity.

1. Sterling Cancer Hospitals

Sterling Cancer Hospital India

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Besides, Sterling Cancer Hospitals India is proud of investing in technologically advanced infrastructure and comprehensive treatment facilities. Our facilities are a par with several advanced hospitals in developed countries around the world.


  • Medical Visa Assistance
  • Medical Travel assistance
  • Pick and Drop Facility from Airport
  • Accommodation and Site seeing
  • Tele- Medication
  • Follow Up Support
  • E- Consultation
  • 2nd Opinion Facility

2. Apollo Cancer Hospitals

Apollo Cancer Hospital Ahmedabad, India

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Apollo Hospitals is one of the best cancer hospitals in India with 10 dedicated hospitals across Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Madurai, Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar & Bilaspur.

To the thousands of patients who visit for cancer treatment in India, the Apollo Hospitals Cancer Centre symbolizes hope that Cancer is Conquerable. The Cancer care system at Apollo Hospitals involves over 125 surgical and radiation Oncology specialists as well as diagnostic consultants that offer comprehensive Cancer Care. The mission is to take the fight against cancer to the next frontier, and redefine clinical benchmarks and outcomes.

The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai, India is South East Asia’s first Proton Therapy Centre and a game changer in cancer care. Proton Therapy is the most advanced form of Radiation Therapy with significant benefits during and after cancer treatment


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