Dr. Manish Joshi

Fistula, Gastro-Enterologist, Gastroenterology, Gastroscopy, General Medicine, General Surgeon

About Us

Dr. Manish Joshi is the Best Gastrointestinal surgeon in Bangalore & India. He is an expert in Advanced Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgical Techniques.

About Dr. Manish Joshi

Dr. Manish Joshi is HOD, Dept of Surgical Gastroenterology, Minimally invasive & Bariatric Surgery at Trustwell Hospitals, Bengaluru. His motto is “Patient comes first”. He is an experienced and highly skilled surgeon with an equally competent surgical team to provide comprehensive care of the patient.

Dr. Manish Joshi has previously served as HOD, Dept of Surgical Gastroenterology & HPB Surgery at St John’s medical college Hospital & BGS Gleneagles Global hospitals, Bengaluru. Dr Manish Joshi & his team of experts are dedicated to providing comprehensive & advanced surgical care for patients with Digestive diseases including cancer.

Dr. Manish Joshi Treatments

  • Endoscopy
  • Robotic Surgery
  • LASER Surgery
  • Open Surgery
  • Innovative Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Manish Joshi is HOD, Dept of Surgical Gastroenterology, MIS and Bariatric Surgery, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, Bengaluru.

  • Languages : English, Hindi
  • Gender : Male
  • Hospital Affiliations : Trustwell Hospital
  • Experience / Tranining : 18 Years
  • For-profit or non-profit? : For Profit
  • Size : 50+
  • Cost : 600 Rs.
  • Average length of stay : 30 Min
  • Gastroscopy
  • General Medicine


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