Dr. Nikhil Nasta

Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmology

Dr. Nikhil Nasta - Eye Specialist Mumbai
About Us

Dr. Nasta established the centre to offer a range of skilled ophthalmology services to the people, I-Sight Eye Care and Surgery is a premier ISO 9000:2008 certified centre located in the queen of suburbs at Bandra- Khar in Mumbai. It is conveniently located at S.V.Road and is easily accessible by road or local train. I-Sight Eye Care and Surgery is equipped with the latest hi-tech instruments to give our patients.

About Dr. Nikhil Nasta

Dr. Nikhil Nasta specialize in Catract Surgery, Retinal treatents, General Ophthalmology, Glaucoma Services, Paediatric ophthalmology and Squint Surgery, Oculoplasty, Lasers, Contact lenses, Cornea services, Advance Laser and Non Laser Vision Correction

Dr. Nikhil Nasta Surgical Experience

  • Cataract Extraction by Phacoemulsification, Topical Phaco, Foldable IOLs.
  • Blumenthal Method.
  • Small Incision Manual Phaco.
  • ECCE with PCIOL.
  • Squint- Horizontal muscle surgery, recession – resection procedures.
  • Glaucoma- Trabeculectomy with / without antimetabolites, Combined Surgery, Laser PI,
  • Diode CPC, Cyclocryotherapy, Laser suturolysis.
  • Iris claw IOL.
  • Refractive- LASIK, PRK procedures.
  • Cornea- Keratoplasty, DSEK, Pterygium , pterygium with conjunctival autograft, corneal tear repair.
  • Plastics- DCR, DCT, Probing, Ptosis surgery,ectropion and entropion surgery.
  • Multifocal, Toric, Trifocal Lenses.
  • Languages : English, Hindi
  • Gender : Male
  • For-profit or non-profit? : For Profit
  • Size : 40+
  • Cost : 700
  • Average length of stay : 30 Min
  • Ophthalmology


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