Top 10 Best Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad | Best Gastro Surgeon Ahmedabad

Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad
Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad

Gastroenterology is an area of medicine that focuses on the health of the digestive system, or the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Gastroenterologists can treat everything from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to hepatitis C. Here’s a look at what these specialists do and when you should consider seeing one.

Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad

These specialists primarily diagnose and treat GI diseases in both men and women.

Gastroenterologist Ahmedabad perform endoscopic procedures, in which they use specialized instruments to view the GI tract and make a diagnosis. They don’t perform surgery. In some cases, they may work closely with a GI surgeon. They primarily work in clinic or hospital settings.

The GI system:

  • Digests and moves food
  • Absorbs nutrients
  • Removes waste from your body

10 Best Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad

1. Dr. Bhavesh Thakkar

Dr. Bhavesh Thakkar CIMS Hospital Ahmedabad
Dr. Bhavesh Thakkar CIMS Hospital Ahmedabad

A young and dynamic gastroenterologist at CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad, with vast experience in treating gastrointestinal and other diseases.

Dr. Bhavesh Thakkar is a young and dynamic gastroenterologist at CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad, with vast experience in treating gastrointestinal and other diseases. Dr. Bhavesh Thakkar specializes in colon cancer screening, intestinal disease, liver disease,and all gastrointestinal disorders, including reflux disease, and provides a wide variety of non-invasive treatments.

Dr. Bhavesh Thakkar, a Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad, with vast experience in treating gastrointestinal and other diseases.

Dr. Bhavesh Thakkar is a proficient Gastroenterologist from Ahmedabad spearheading the Department of Gastroenterology at CIMS Hospital as HOD. As a leading Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad he provide high quality gastroenterology, gastroscopy & colonoscopy services and comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services.

Dr. Bhavesh Thakkar Specialities

  • Heartburn and reflux diseases
  • Gastrointestinal cancers
  • Liver diseases
  • Obesity
  • Stomach and intestinal disorders
  • Inflammatory bowel and colorectal diseases
  • Pancreatic disorders

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2. Dr. Sanjay L Rajput

- Gastroenterologist Doctor in Ahmedabad
– Gastroenterologist Doctor in Ahmedabad

Dr. Sanjay L Rajput has almost two decades of clinical experience in Gastroenterology, Liver Diseases (Hepatology) and Gastroenterology Endoscopy. He is the visiting Gastroenterologist at most of the Leading Hospitals in Ahmedabad – Apollo Group, Shalby Hospital, Sterling Hospital and SAL Hospital. He is well experienced gastro specialist doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Dr. Sanjay Rajput is no 1 doctor for endoscopy sleeve gastroplasty in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He is also best ESG doctor in India. Ansh Clinic is offering laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy doctor in Ahmedabad and colonoscopy doctor in Ahmedabad. Find best capsule endoscopy hospital in Ahmedabad.

Dr. Sanjay Rajput specializes in several Gastroenterologist and Endoscopic procedures (Outpatient basis) Since then, it has become one the largest referral Gastroenterologist Doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, outside India. Patients are referred from Ahmedabad and across all cities of Gujarat, India, & Africa.

Dr. Sanjay L Rajput Treatments

  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic GI Endoscopy
  • ERCP
  • Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)
  • Manometry
  • Advanced GI Endoscopy
  • Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

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3. Dr. Manish Bhatnagar

Dr. Manish Bhatnagar - Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad
Dr. Manish Bhatnagar – Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad

Dr. Manish Bhatnagar, a renowned Gastroenterologist with over 2 decades of experience in the specialty head ICON Hospital. He has formerly led known hospitals like Rajasthan Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Medisurge Hospitals, Sterling Hospitals, CIMS Hospital and SAL Hospital.

Dr. Manish Bhatnagar is a prolific speaker on the international and National academic platforms and has had his articles featured in serverl known publications, journals as well as having made presentations at both national and international conferences. Actively associated in Academic and Teaching activities of indian society of Gastroenterology. He has made contributions to books of Medicine, Hepatology and Gastroenterology.

Icon Hospital Ahmedabad‘s team led by Dr. Manish Bhatnagar is geared to provide all services in the field of Gastroenterology, at our state-of-the-art medical facility.

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Dr. Manish Bhatnagar Treatments

  • Gastroenterology
  • Endoscopy
  • Hepatology
  • Emergency diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Therapeutic ERCP
  • Double balloon enteroscopy

4. Dr. Manish Gandhi

Dr. Manish Gandhi - Surgical Gastroenterologist Ahmedabad
Dr Manish Gandhi Gastroenterology Specialist in Ahmedabad

Dr. Manish Gandhi is heading the Department of Surgical 

Gastroenterology at ICON Hospital and CIMS hospital. He is visiting Consultant to all major Corporate hospitals in  Ahmedabad.

Dr. Manish Gandhi Ahmedabad services are the best Gastro Treatment in Ahmedabad. If you have any Stomach Problem, you can contact Dr Manish Gandhi who is best gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad. He is also is a well-known Gastro, liver & pancreatic surgeon in Ahmedabad and also one of the few gastroenterologist in India.

Dr. Manish Gandhi is having experience of more than a decade & more than thousand surgeries to treat all gastro problems. Dr. Manish Gandhi Ahmedabad update on advances in treatment and had delivered international quality results for his patients.


Dr. Manish Gandhi Treatments

  • Pancreatic Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Liver & Biliary Surgery
  • Gastro Intestinal Cancer Surgery
  • Upper (GI) Endoscopy Surgery

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5. Dr. Rupesh Mehta

Dr. Rupesh Mehta -  Gastro Surgeon in Ahmedabad
Dr. Rupesh Mehta – Gastro Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Rupesh Mehta is a Senior Gastro Consultant Surgeon in Ellisbridge and is based at Mehta Hospital in Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad. Mehta Hospital is located centrally in the Ellisbridge area of Ahmedabad and has the facility of a fully equipped Operation Theatre, Ventilator and Endoscopy Room for the optimum performance of complex surgeries and endoscopies such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

Active in surgical practice since 1979 and presently a Senior Consultant Gastro Surgeon at Mehta Hospital, Ahmedabad (India). In 1987, Mehta Hospital was a first of its kind medium super-specialty hospital solely dedicated to Gastro-Intestinal problems in Gujarat. The hospital was set up with state of the art equipment and was also home to the first dedicated Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facility in a private set-up in Gujarat.

Dr. Rupesh Mehta Treatments

  • Pancreatic Surgery
  • Gastro Intestinal Cancer Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Upper (GI) Endoscopy Surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery

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6. Dr. Ishan Shah

Dr. Ishan Shah - Gastroenterology Specialist in Ahmedabad
Dr. Ishan Shah – Gastroenterology Specialist in Ahmedabad

Dr. Ishan Shah is one of the best & well experienced Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad. His main areas of interest are hepatopancreatic biliary (HPB) surgery, gastrointestinal cancer surgery and advanced laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Ishan Shah is a specialist surgeon for surgical diseases of gastrointestinal tract organs like esophagus (food pipe), stomach, liver, hernia surgeon, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, small intestine, rectum anal canal, and piles. Dr. Ishan Shah has also specialized in complex liver surgery, including complex pancreatic surgery, biliary surgery and liver transplantation at Sushrusha Hospital Ahmedabad.

Dr. Ishan Shah has 7+ years of experience in the field and has performed many vivid surgeries. Before living in Ahmedabad, Dr. Ishan Shah spent 4 years in New Delhi where he worked in “SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL” – one of the elite hospitals in the world.

  • Address:- Opp Sardar Patel Seva Samaj hall, In Lane, opp. Telephone Exchange, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006
  • Contact No:- 070161 21356 | +91 91044 75795
  • Email:-
  • Profile:- Dr. Ishan Shah
  • Website:- Gastro Surgeon in Ahmedabad
  • Specialties:- Gastroenterology, Appendics, Hernia, Gall Stone, Abdominal Cancer, Biliary Treatment, Advanced Laser Piles Treatment, Pancreas stone treatment, Chronic Pancreatic Surgery, Esophegas, Small and Large intestin Rectum-Disease, Bariatric Surgery, Liver transplantation, Laparoscopic surgery

7. Dr. Yogesh P Harwani

Dr Yogesh Harwani - Best Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad
Dr Yogesh Harwani – Best Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad

One stop solution for top Gastroenterologist treatment from the best Online Medical Gastroenterologist Gastro Surgeon Consultation in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Dr. Yogesh Harwani is a zealous personal , serving the field of medicine through Gastroenterology and Gastro Physician Specialists. He is an enthusiastic and energetic professional with healing hands and expert knowledge. He always aspired to be medical professional. He is now one of the Best Gastroenterologist Doctors in Ahmedabad, Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad.

Dr. Yogesh Harwani is one of the top Gastroenterologist and best medical Gastroenterologist, Best gastro surgeon near me in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Dr. Yogesh P Harwani is an enthusiastic and energetic professional with healing hands and expert knowledge for Best Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad.

  • Address:- Noble Institute of Gastroenterology, Shaival Imperia, 5th & 6th Floor, Mithakhali Six Roads, Opp. Nalanda Hotel, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad – 380009, Gujarat.
  • Contact No:- +91-79-26443888/999 | +91 9537916281 | +91 7600312593
  • Email:-
  • Profile:- Dr. Yogesh P Harwani
  • Specialties:- Clinical Gastro, GI Endoscopy, ERCP, Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), Manometry, Advanced GI Endoscopy, Non Surgical Endoscopic, Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty, Small Bowel Balloon Enteroscopy

8. Dr. Hardik Parikh

Dr. Hardik Parikh - Gastro Surgeon in Ahmedabad
Dr. Hardik Parikh – Gastro Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Hardik Parikh is a promising Gastroenterologist from Ahmedabad with clinical interests in Endoscopy, Hepatology, Pancreas and Motility disorders. He presently practices at Ahmedabad Gastro Associates.

Dr. Parikh’s academic background is rooted in MBBS, MD (Medicine) and DM (Gastroenterology). He successfully completed his residency period for MD and DM at NHL Municipal Medical College – SCL Hospital (Ahmedabad) and Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital (Mumbai) respectively. Moreover, Dr. Parikh helmed ICU responsibilities at Navneet, Memorial Hospital (Ahmedabad) followed by teaching activities at PDU Medical College, Rajkot as Assistant Professor in Medicine.

  • Address:- Fourth Floor, Sarvopari Mall, Bhuyangdev Char Rasta, Sola Road, Ahmedabad – 380061, Gujarat
  • Contact No:- (91) 9619209547
  • Email:-
  • Profile:- Dr. Hardik Parikh
  • Specialties:- Gastroenterology, Endoscopy, Hepatology, Motility Expert


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