What is Salary of MD/MS & MBBS Doctors in India?

Salary of Doctors in India
Salary of Doctors in India

Salary of MD/MS Doctor in India

According to reputed sources like Glassdoor, doctors with qualifications as MD/MS easily make up to INR 40,000-INR 90,000 per month. This figure varies from cities to cities and regions to regions. MD qualified doctors working in the private sector have a better and higher pay scale when compared to the public sector.

What is Doctor Salary in India?

Doctors and medical professionals are paid the highest in India as the demand for specialist doctors and professionals with research and development skills increases, finds a new report by Randstad Insights, the research, and analysis division of Randstad India. While the average annual salaries stands around Rs 9.6 lakhs across all levels and functions, specialist doctors top the chart with an average annual CTC at Rs 18.4 lakh, followed by non-medical professionals like solution architects at a CTC of Rs 15.1 lakh, product engineering specialists at Rs 14.8 lakh and blockchain technology experts at a CTC of Rs 14.6 lakh. Bangalore is the highest paying city in India and pharma and healthcare is the highest paying industry for talent in India, according to the report. Randstad Insights Salary Trends Report 2018 analyzed 1,00,000 jobs across 20 industry verticals and 15 functions.

Top Hospital Doctors Salaries in India

No Hospital Name India AVG. Doctor Salary Lowest Salary Highest Salary
1 Apollo Hospitals 68,750.Rs/mo 18K 630K
2 Best Doctors 63,134/mo 20K 1,333K
3 All India Institute of Medical Sciences 88,148/mo 62K 833K
4 Government of India 1,60,493/mo 39K 288K
5 Private Hospital 1,00,000/mo 30K 121K
6 Thermaco 5,22,629/yr 144K 1,622K
7 Indian Army 14,60,149/yr 1,007K 1,818K
8 Fortis Healthcare 50,344/mo 32K 425K
9 Government of West Bengal, India 1,02,547/mo 79K 109K
10 Yashoda Hospital 43,000/mo 32K 67K
11 Department of HFW Govt of West Bengal 54,502/mo 44K 103K
12 Sahyadri Speciality Hospital 27,082/mo 23K 78K


How much money does a person working in Doctor / Physician make in India?

A person working in Doctor / Physician in India typically earns around 75,000 INR per month. Salaries range from 27,600 INR (lowest average) to 127,000 INR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

Doctor / Physician India AVG Salary
Physician – Urology 110,000 INR
Urologist 110,000 INR
Physician – Anesthesiology 111,000 INR
Physician – Cardiology 119,000 INR
Invasive Cardiologist 127,000 INR
Neurophysiology Technologist 27,600 INR
Behavioral Health Specialist 35,600 INR
Chiropractor 38,000 INR
Advanced Practice Provider 42,800 INR
Occupational Health Safety Specialist 44,200 INR
Advanced Nutrition Aide 45,100 INR
Skin Care Specialist 47,500 INR
Genetic Counselor 51,500 INR
Physical Therapist 51,500 INR
Physician Assistant 51,500 INR
Registered Respiratory Therapist 51,500 INR
Vision Rehabilitation Therapist 51,500 INR
Mental Health Therapst 55,400 INR
Physician – Pain Medicine 55,400 INR
Physiotherapist 57,400 INR
Allergist 59,400 INR
Correctional Treatment Specialist 59,400 INR
Physical Therapy Director 59,400 INR
Physician – Geriatrics 59,400 INR
Physician – Otolaryngology 59,400 INR
Physician – Pulmonary Medicine 59,400 INR
Podiatrist 59,400 INR
Dietitian 61,800 INR
General Medical Practitioner 61,800 INR
Physician – Family Practice 63,300 INR
Physician – Ophthalmology 63,300 INR
Ophthalmologist 67,300 INR
Optometrist 67,300 INR
Physician – CCU 67,300 INR
Physician – Occupational Medicine 67,300 INR
Physician – Generalist 68,900 INR
Physician – Pathology 70,500 INR
Emergency Department Physician 71,300 INR
Physician – Emergency Room 71,300 INR
Psychometrician 71,300 INR
Counseling Psychologist 75,200 INR
Exercise Physiologist 75,200 INR
Pediatrician 75,200 INR
Physician – Pediatrics 75,200 INR
Physician – Podiatry 75,200 INR
Preventive Medicine Physician 75,200 INR
Doctor 79,200 INR
Physician – Maternal / Fetal Medicine 79,200 INR
Physician – Infectious Disease 81,100 INR
Physician – Physiatry 81,900 INR
Nuclear Medicine Physician 82,300 INR
Physician – Nuclear Medicine 82,300 INR
Forensic Pathologist 83,100 INR
Physician – Hematology / Oncology 83,100 INR
Physician – Pediatric Neonatology 83,100 INR
Psychiatrist 83,100 INR
Psychololgist 83,100 INR
Physician – Sports Medicine 85,100 INR
Physician – Gastroenterology 85,900 INR
Physician – Rheumatology 85,900 INR
Obstetrician / Gynecologist 87,100 INR
Physician – Obstetrics / Gynecology 87,100 INR
Physician – Pediatric Cardiology 87,100 INR
Radiologist 87,100 INR
Physician – Endocrinology 91,000 INR
Dermatologist 95,000 INR
Interventionist 95,000 INR
Naturopathic Physician 95,000 INR
Physician – Dermatology 95,000 INR
Physician – Immunology / Allergy 95,000 INR
Neurologist 97,000 INR
Physician – Nephrology 97,000 INR
Physician – Neurology 97,000 INR
Physician – Radiation Therapy 97,400 INR
Physician – Radiology 97,400 INR
Clinical Psychologist 99,000 INR
Internist 99,000 INR
Physician – Internal Medicine 99,000 INR