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Established in the year 2006, Aditya Orthopedics Hospital is an orthopedic multispecialty unit offering a wide variety of cutting edge & word-class healthcare facilities at an affordable cost to the patients. Backed by a team of specialists doctors and friendly staffs, Aditya Orthopedic Hospital puts welfare of the patient community at the forefront. From treating a series of complex orthopedic disorder to being recognized as a state of the art joint replacement center, Aditya Orthopedic has helped thousands of patients get rid of their pain to resume an active and healthy life. The world class joint replacement center at Aditya Orthopedics is a sterling example of the latest advancements in the healthcare industry helping patients suffering from joint related disorders, mostly aged people to get back their agility and enjoy a more active second innings of life.

About Aditya Orthopedic Hospital

Aditya Orthopedic Hospital welcome you to explore our website and familiarize yourself with the various ways to treat bone and joints problems as well as the existing facilities available at Aditya Orthopedic Hospital to treat such disorders. We have also dedicated a section to update you with the latest case studies, patients’success stories as well as technical advancements in orthopedic surgery.

Aditya Orthopedic Hospital is synonymous with providing superior quality healthcare services, Listed at top 10 best Orthopedic Hospital in Ahmedabad. Run by noted doctor duo of Dr. Amit Agrawal and Dr. Maharshi Bhatt, the hospital has an excellent medical team consisting of experts trained at reputed institutions of the world. Whilst, our hospital is equipped with all the facilities to treat complex orthopedic disorders, we specialize in performing advance knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Aditya Orthopedic Hospital Specialization

  • Knee Replacement
    Knee replacement surgery has evolved in last two decades as a surgery which adds a quality life in patient’s latter years of the life and makes it more enjoyable, independent and a self-respecting one. Before development of this surgery many people who were suffering from advanced arthritis of knee joints were spending their later years of their life in the bed with many difficulties and grief. Because of this magnificent marvel of modern medical science now patients how much bad and deformed their knee would be can expect and really get a quality of life they were aspiring to have in the retiring years of the life. With the use of latest imported implants and cutting age precise technology Aditya joint replacement center had been successful in bringing smile on thousands of people face with utmost satisfaction.
  • Hip Replacement
    Hip is the most important joint of the body as it relays the weight share of whole upper body upon lower limb. A person cannot even imagine the kind of stress and load he puts upon his/her hip joints during various activities like standing, walking, running, jumping, cross leg sitting , squatting etc..
    During all these activities hip joint comes under tremendous stress but due to a very complex and durable bony and ligamentous alignment systems given to us by mother nature usually it sustains well. But certain conditions like old hip fractures, improper blood supply to hip joint’s bones (like in AVN), old age, weaken bony architecture (osteoporosis), some bone tumors, metabolic bone diseases like Gout, some immunological disease like Rheumatoid arthritis etc. are the reasons because of which the hip joint may need joint replacement surgery which is called the total hip joint replacement.
  • Trauma & Fracture
    We at Aditya Orthopedic Hospital follow these all above mentioned protocols of trauma management exceedingly well and our quick, polite and expert nursing and para medical staff would do every bit from their behalf to ensure that you get best possible trauma care at our hospital. Add our orthopedic surgeon’s thoughtfully planned treatment options into it and you are at the safe place to get your loved one treated for traumatic fractures and/or bleeding injuries. Orthopedic surgeons at Aditya Orthopedic Hospital are very well experienced one at world’s best institutions to handle any kind of complex fracture and dislocations surgery.
  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services
    Aditya Orthopedic Hospital has been fortunate to have such an expert and sincere physiotherapist at our Aditya Orthopedic Hospital and simultaneously we are proud about them also. Dr. Bhavin Desai and Dr. Raj Abhishek Singh are extremely talented and enthusiastic physios who are always there for our patients after fractures and joint replacement surgery.
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  • Size : 20+
  • Cost : 400
  • Average length of stay : 30 Min +
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