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Avenues is best hair clinic in Ahmedabad, which is equipped with high tech infrastructure and advance technologies for performing best hair treatments. Avenues has hair specialist doctor in Ahmedabad who has many years experience in the field. He is a board certified doctor with expertise knowledge. The hair transplant Ahmedabad cost is affordable such that any hair loss patient can manage it. It is such that a patient feels worth paying for.

About Avenues Clinic Ahmedabad

Every procedure is carried with utmost care by the specialized team of expert and supporting staff. The environment at Avenues is healthy and friendly.

The Avenues Cosmetic Surgery Center is a dedicated Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad and Cosmetic Surgery clinic, committed to giving the most effective, scientifically formulated and clinically proven results for the best aesthetic surgery solutions for you. Our Aim is to provide maximum hair growth for each individual associated with us. Our clinic look after men and women with all ages suffering from baldness.

For our work, we have been awarded “the best emerging hair transplant and cosmetic surgery clinic in Ahmedabad” 2015 by Brand Achiever.

Our methods give you the best possible results by:

  • A thorough analysis of your individual case.
  • Detailed consultation.
  • Suggesting the best solution for your individual needs.
  • Surgery by our specialist doctors and highly trained staff.
  • Regular post-surgery follow-up.

Avenues clinic is a center for hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery. It is the best hair clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It has been providing best results in the field of hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery since many years. Avenues has qualified Plastic Surgeons to perform every procedure with optimum care to yield satisfactory results with available advanced technology at the clinic.

Abilities Avenues Clinic

It is a clinic that is equipped with advanced technologies and experienced doctors to perform state of art procedures in the field. With extra friendly environment it has caring team of staff to look after every patient coming to the clinic for any type of treatment. They are treated with optimal care to only provide best and satisfactory results.

Why To Choose Avenues Clinic?

  1. Individual patient is treated specifically and carefully.
  2. Every query of the patient is being answered.
  3. Best solution is suggested by experts depending upon individual condition.
  4. Each procedure is performed by experience doctor and expert staff.
  5. Optimal care of each patient is ensured in each procedure.
  6. Procedures are performed to achieve satisfactory and realistic results.
  7. Post surgery care and follow up are suggested.

Avenues Clinic Ahmedabad Specialties:

  • We provide day care procedure.
  • We follow high standards procedure.
  • Both high class national and international techniques are followed.
  • Highly experienced doctors are present with 10+ years experience as a Mch Plastic Surgeon.
  • Best FUE and FUT and the combination is used.
  • FUE is performed by special team with the US FDA approved safe systems.
  • GIGA sessions and MEGA FUE sessions are also performed.
  • Microscope techniques are used for cutting and slivering.
  • Magnification is used for procedures.
  • Trichophytic closure is given priority.
  • Maximum density of Insertion is assured.

Avenues Clinic regarded as one of the best clinics for hair replacement, hair regrowth treatments and cosmetic surgeries in the Aesthetic Industry in Gujarat. Contact Avenues Cosmetic Surgery Center for consultation and start feeling better about yourself today!

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  • Size 25+
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  • Average length of stay 30 Min
  • Ownership Dr. Kinnar Kapadia
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Dr. Kinnar Kapadia

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