Dr Nimmi's Diabetes Care


Dr Nimmi's Diabetes Care
About Us

Dr Nimmi Mulwani, MD, FAIIDR is a consultant Diabetologist and founder of NDC. She is a young, enthusiastic Diabetologist who has vision to treat and prevent Diabetes from its root cause. She has more than 5 years of experience and a vast exposure in treating all kinds of Diabetic patients, of all ages including type 1, type 2, Diabetes in elderly, in pregnancy, pre and post operative, brittle diabetes and other complicates cases of diabetes mellitus. She focuses just not only on sugar values, but on a wholesome health of a diabetic patient. Early detection and complete management is her approach for every patient.

About Dr. Nimmi’s Diabetes Care (Dr Nimmi Mulwani)

NDC- Founded by Dr Nimmi Mulwani is chandkheda- motera’s first exclusive diabetes and lifestyle disease care centre where your diabetes meets our expertise and care. We treat patients of all ages, with various conditions related to diabetes. We take personalised care and interest in each and every patient of ours. The moment they step into our care, from the time of diagnosis or first visit they become family to NDC. We provide them latent treatment along them personalise lifestyle modification advice in such a way without disturbing their daily routine.



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