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About Us

Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre is the most caring and result oriented, Neurological (Mental, Psychiatric, Dementia and Addiction treatment) Hospital in Pune, we have treated 7000+ patients suffering from schizophrenia, Bipolar disorders etc also we are engage in De-addiction, Alcohol De-Addiction, Drug De-Addiction programs and also care the old age people suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s illnesses.

To set an example in Neuro-Psycho-Social Rehabilitation by Providing World class Treatment & Compassionate Care

About Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre Pune

In Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre our focus is to provide comprehensive, multimodal care solution. Our Mental Asylum in Pune and Mumbai provide effective care & treatment required for Psychiatric Patients. On Admission our Psychiatrists in Pune and Mumbai will provide detailed history & diagnosis of the illness. Explanation to the family members the natural course & Prognosis of the illness. Individualized Treatment Plan…

Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre Purpose

  • Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre organization’s primary focus is to provide quality care & treatment for the people suffering from various Neuro-Psychological illnesses.
  • Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre provide family centered team approach to help people with debilitating illnesses to manage their symptoms, live fully & keep control over their lives.
  • We provide total health care solutions to ameliorate the quality of life of not only the patients but their family members also in these chronic illnesses.

Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre Establishment

  • Jagruti started as a small clinic in 2006 with 20 beds, its grown up to a 200 bedded, one of the biggest Neuro-Psychological Rehabilitation centre in Maharashtra.
  • Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre have two building currently, with one is totally dedicated to Dementia & Neuro care. This dementia care is First of such care in Maharashtra.
  • Addiction is also a neuro-psychological illness which causes changes in Reward Circuit in brain. Hence separate De Addiction ward with excellent detoxification services has been developed.

Following services we provide:-
1)Psychological Rehabilitation
2)Dementia Care
3) Mental retardation care
4)De Addiction
5)Palliative Care & Hospice


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