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The Profile Cosmetic surgery centre – Offers the best treatment of Liposuction, Hair transplant, Gynecomastia in Ludhiana. If you are facing the hair loss problem or any unwanted fat problem then you can visit here. For more information, you can visit our website.

About Profile Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Vikas Gupta (Plastic Surgeon) upon completing his Masters in Cosmetic Surgery, he has successfully completed thousands of corrective cosmetic surgical procedures.

Flourishing under the captaincy of Dr. Vikas Gupta, Profile Cosmetic Surgery is widely popular for its life-enhancing treatments that are capable of restoring your self esteem once and for all. We will help you feel and look at your best.

We are always concerned about our patients, hence Profile Cosmetic Surgery Centre brings you expertise of a team consisting of highly skilled Plastic Surgeons working together at our clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab.

With decades of experience our Cosmetic Surgeons have become highly specialized in performing various reconstructive and cosmetic procedures such as Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Blepharoplasty, Scar Removal, Laser Therapy, Vitiligo and so on.

Specialty of Profile Cosmetic Surgery

We are a Plastic Surgery Centre that is profound in every nook and corner of cosmetic surgery.

Specialized Medical Care

Our blissful medical team involves plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists’ etc.

Specialized Branches

Our expertise can be experienced in various branches of profile cosmetic surgery, no matter where you go you will find same essence of care & professionalism.

A Leader in Our Country

Backed by State of Art Technology and years of expertise we are booming among world’s biggest cosmetic surgery centres.

We promise our patients a higher level of care and best results, every procedure is specifically chosen as per your case to meet & achieve your desires as well as goals, hence, client satisfaction is a must for us. Profile Cosmetic Surgery is the place where Professionalism, Excellence & Experience resides.

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