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Sanjivani eye hospital provides all type of latest facilities and equipment to meet every emergency treatment.

Sanjivani Eye Hospital Ahmedabad

Sanjivani eye hospital & phaco centre, Ahmedabad top eyes hospital and treatment centre all type of facilities available for eyes care laser treatment centre “Cataract” “Lasik ” 100 % cure by specialist, team of best professional teachers professional machinery and highly skilled surgeons will ensure that all your eyes problem will be solved in sanjivani eye hospital Ahmedabad come for treatment consultancy and regular eyes check-up special camps information call on official number has performed more than 100000 peacock surgery, 4500 lasik surgery, 250 icl surgery, 50 iclt, he has done more than 1000 premium iol surgery which include multi focal iol, toric iol, multi focal toric iol, accommodative iol. He has been associated with more than 55 ties. Sanjivani eye hospital provides all type of latest facilities and equipment to meet every emergency treatment.

Sanjivani Eye Hospital Services

  • Lasik eye surgery
  • Cataract
  • Contact lens fitting
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Eye microsurgery
  • Iol implantation
  • C 3 R procedures

Sanjivani Eye Hospital Combination of two in one hospital, Eye Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Eye Specialist In Ahmedabad, come for Free consultancy and eyes check up and solve your problem is one of the biggest and most popular Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad.

You can find experienced Eye Specialists in Ahmedabad and get effective eye treatment for various eye diseases like cataracts, Glaucoma, Optilasik, Bladeless Lasik Surgery and more

Sanjivani Eye Hospital Saraspur

Sanjivani Eye Hospital is running since seven years. Dr Rajesh Shah has operated more than 35,000/- successfully operations of Phaco Surgery.He has been associated with more than 29 TPA’s. Sanjivani Eye Hospital provide all type of latest facilities equipments to meet every emergency treatment.

Eyes are our main contact with this world. It is hard to imagine even a minute of life without vision. This site intends to provide information about eye health and disease in a simple and clear language as well as without any bias. Patients can send their queries about their specific problems which will be replied to individually. However, all the information posted on this site is for the purpose of educating patients about their eye disease and Not prescriptive. For actual treatment you are requested to consult your ophthalmologist or meet us in person

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