Dr Divyang Brahmbhatt Ahmedabad
Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt Ahmedabad
Dr Divyang is among the selected few Eye doctors in Ahmedabad who have been offered the use of the latest innovation in intraocular lenses; the ReSTOR multifocal intraocular lens with which no glasses are required for both distance and near vision after cataract surgery

About Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt

Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt has over the years, inculcated a professional vision for holistic ophthalmic patient management that has touched the heart and mind of innumerable patients. Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt has mastered the most recent and path breaking new MultiFocal IOL technology where cataract operation scale new heights in post operative patient care.

Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt Education & Experience

Simultaneously contributed to the society, as Hon. Professor of Ophthalmology in Kesar SAL College of Medicine, had gave training to many young eye surgeons, over 12 years as teching faculty in medical college. He has helped thousands of patients regain sight as Assistant Professor and Visiting Eye Surgeon in Smt. Shardaben Municipal hospital, Saraspur since 1995 to 2007. Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt is also a visiting surgeon in Yogiji Maharaj Hospital, Shahibaug. Dr. DIVYANG BRAHMBHATT M.S., D. O.(Ophth.)(Ozil-phaco and Laser Specialist) Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt is the promoter of the Freedom Eye Laser Center which was the first center in Gujarat to obtain the superlative, topnotch, outstanding world-class American F.D.A approved Laser machine. Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt is also promoter of the state of Retina/Glaucoma center nettaloy, The Superspecialist No1 Eye Surgeon in Ahmedabad.