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Dental Implants in India | Cost & Types of Dental Implants in India

Does your smile look incomplete? Are you missing one or more teeth? Dental implants in India could be the solution for you.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium post that is implanted into the jaw bone. The bone quickly grows around the implant, attaching itself to the rough outer surface. Once the implant has been anchored by the bone, the implant is prepared to accept the natural looking prosthetic tooth.

Dental implants are a realistic looking artificial tooth. They are attached to the jaw and covered by a crown that looks and functions identically to a real tooth.

They are an excellent alternative to dentures and allow for correct tooth alignment, making chewing normal again. Being cosmetically attached, there are extremely strong and you will not know be able to tell that your new tooth is not your original.

How Successful Are Dental Implants in India?

Success rates of dental implants differ, depending on where in the jaw the implants are positioned but, in common, dental implants have a success rate of up to 98%. With appropriate care, implants can last a lifetime.

Single Tooth Implants in India

If you have lost all your teeth, a few of them, or even just one tooth, dental implants should be considered as an option for your oral rehabilitation program.

Eating and correct chewing is essential for a healthy body. It is also one of the greatest human pleasures. Thousands of people, both young and old, no longer have their own teeth. Some manage quite well with dentures, for others they are unsatisfactory.

If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about gaps, missing teeth, dentures that are loose or unexpectedly drop down or you are unable to chew properly, yet you feel you deserve the best today’s modern restorative dentistry can provide, dental implants may be the solution.

Multiple Tooth Implants in India

Often removable dentures are used to replace missing teeth. These dentures can often be replaced with the utilisation of dental implants.

If you have been edentulous for some time your jawbone may have resorbed away. It is now possible to address this with the advent of tissue regeneration. We can now use techniques to graft bone and soft tissue to reconstruct the resorbed bony ridge.

Sinus lifts: in the top back jaw if you are missing teeth there may be insufficient bone. By predictably grafting and regenerating bone in the sinus we can now provide a solid foundation for implants to be installed

Full Arch Rehabilitation in India

We offer multiple solutions for totally edentulous jaws. Success rates for full arch bridges supported in the mandible are extremely high (showing over a twenty year period success rates of 96%). If you are wearing a denture, sore spots can be eliminated by the use of implant bridges.

Most people find a return to self confidence, being able to eat out socially and smile. Solutions include: removable overdentures, fixed overdentures, and fixed bridges. We will offer the best solution to you whether it be hybrid, metal ceramic, or all-ceramic.

Dental Implants in India provide amazing benefits to patients, including…

  • Dental implants let you eat the foods you love.
  • Dental implants are the only proven way to prevent bone loss of the tooth.
  • Once in place, implant crown will look, fell and function like a natural tooth.
  • Completely restore your natural bite, tooth function and aesthetic appeal.
  • Implants look and feel authentic
  • They aid with biting pressure
  • They function like genuine teeth allowing you to enjoy all your favourite foods again.
  • They are durable and long lasting.
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss and allow you to maintain a healthy facial structure.

Dental Implant Cost Comparisons: Other Countries (UK, USA, Singapore & Thailand) VS India

Type of Dental ImplantUnited StatesUnited KingdomIndiaThailandSingapore
Transosseous Implant$6500$5000$500$600$750
Subperiosteal Implant$4500$3500$400$500$600
Root form Implant$7000$5500$550$650$850
Plate form Implant$5000$4000$330$450$500
Endosteal Implant$3500$2800$300$400$450

India is the most preferable country for patients who are looking for low cost dental implant in India. The cost of the Dental Implant in India is typically a fraction of the cost for the same procedure and care in the US and other developed countries. The cost can vary depending on type & use of implant and other medical conditions of a patient.

The costs of the Dental Implant based on the type of implants required in various countries in the chart / table are given below. The price comparison is given in USD.

*The price for the Dental Implant is an average collected from the 15 Best corporate hospitals and 10 Top Dental surgeons of India.

*The final prices offered to the patients is based on their medical reports and is dependent on the current medical condition of the patient, type of room, type of implants ( if used), hospital brand and the surgeons expertise.

Cost analysis of Implant and Bridge in India:

A single Implant with its prosthesis (Cap/Crown) would cost approximately 20,000 to 50,000 depending on the type and company of dental implant used. While a bridge would cost approximately 9,000 to 30,000 depending on the material used ( PFM/ Zirconia/ Emax). Moreover, your two natural asymptomatic teeth adjacent to missing tooth will be cut.

If we consider a time span of 10 years, an implant will still be functioning just like another tooth. You may need a small cleaning job around the implant as you may with any other tooth. However, considering the average lifespan of Bridge (8-10 years), we might need to replace the bridge, which will again cost approx.(12,000 to 40,000). This increase in cost is because sometimes we might need to make a longer bridge if bone loss has occurred around the supporting teeth, which will add to expenses. So, over 10 years this bridge may cost you 21,000 to 70,000 which is more than or equal to the cost of the Implant in India.

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Dental Implant in Ahmedabad, Implantologists Cost, procedure, Reviews

What is Dental Implant

For a long time, fixed bridges were the best alternative for people who had lost teeth, as they were quite successful and esthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, bridges can also present some problems because the natural teeth that lie on either side of the bridge are filed to accept the appliance. This step in the bridge-making procedure may make these teeth prone to bacterial plaque accumulations, decay, periodontal disease, and the possible need for future root canals.

Dental implant in Ahmedabad

At first glance, it appears that a bridge is the more economical route, but when comparing cost versus value, the dental implant is more cost-effective and the better treatment option – if the patient is a candidate for implants. Here we have shared list of top 10 best dental implant docrtor in Ahmedabad

Be it specialized treatments like Full-mouth Rehabilitation, Smile Designing, Dental Implants, Orthodontic Braces, Pediatric Dentistry etc. or basic treatments like Root Canal Treatment, Tooth Extraction, Teeth Cleaning & Polishing, Tooth-colored Fillings, Crowns & Bridges, and Dentures, we are known for our personalized care yet professional approach.

Dr Vishal Patel

Dr Vishal Patel is a clinician and an academician. Dr Vishal Patel is one of the best dental implant doctor in Ahmedabad. He completed his bachelor’s degree (BDS) in Dentistry from K M Shah Dental College & Hospital and went on to complete his Masters (MDS) in the field of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics from the JSS Dental College & Hospital, Mysore He is currently working as Associate Professor & PG Guide, Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics at Narsinhbhai Patel Dental College , SP University, Visnagar, Gujarat.

Dr Mable Patel

Dr Mable Patel Ahmedabad

Dr. Mable Patel / Thomas blending art with science, dentistry is her passion. Dr Mable Patel is the leading demntal implant surgeon in Ahmedabad, Who offering one stop solution for dental implat treatment in Ahmedabad. She considers it a privilege to be a dentist, to have a real impact on the physical and psychological health of others. She completed her bachelor’s degree (BDS) in Dentistry from Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore and went on to complete her Masters (MDS) in the field of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics from the JSS Dental College & Hospital, Mysore.

Dr. Chintan Agrawal

Dr Chintan Agrawal Ahmedabad

Dr. Chintan Agrawal has completed his BDS from Bapuji Dental College & Hospital, Davangere (Karnataka) in the year 2001 and MDS in Orthodontics from College Of Dental Sciences, Davangere (Karnataka) in the year 2005. He is a life member of the Indian Orthodontic Society and also member of Indian Dental Association. Currently, He is working as a Reader at Narsinhbhai Patel Dental College & Hospital, Visnagar and running his private practice since July 2012 at Agrawal’s Multispeciality Dental Clinic, orthodontic and dental implant centre at Ahmedabad.

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Root Canal Treatment: Essential Things You Need to Know

Oh no! Root Canal, only the name; fleshes pain and big expenses into the mind but still, we do not know that what is a root canal?

Let’s discuss Root Canal in Detail

Root Canal therapy also calls as endodontic therapy; it is a dental treatment for removing an infection from inside a tooth and protects the tooth from future infections. It takes place in the pulp of the tooth; this place calls the root canal.

Some facts about root canal therapy

  • Root canal therapy works to remove nerves from the pulp of a tooth.
  • It is a pain relief procedure for the patient.
  • This procedure is also refers as endodontic therapy.
  • Rooty Canal therapy costs vary, but it is a less costly option.

What is Root Canal Treatment

A “Root Canal” is the hollow section of the tooth; it contains the nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cells, as pulp.
A tooth consists of crown and root, inside the crown and the root or the root canal; is the pulp. The pulp nourishes the tooth and provides moisture to the surrounding material. The nerves in the pulp work to sense hot and cold temperature as the pulp. The name of the dental procedure commonly referred as “root canal” is endodontic therapy in actual, which means “inside the tooth”, however, “root canal” term is common to use among patients.

Root Canal procedure steps

Root Canal therapy is done in three steps and it may require one to three sessions to complete.
Three steps are following:

  1. Cleaning the root canal
    The dentist removes everything which is inside the root canal. Under local anesthesia, the dentist makes a small access hole on the surface of the tooth and removes diseased and dead pulp tissue with the help of small files.
  2. Filling the root canal
    The dentist cleans and shapes the hollow area, with the usage of tiny files and irrigation solutions. After that, your doctor fills your tooth with a rubber-like material using adhesive cement and seals canals completely. After the root canal procedure, the tooth becomes dead. There would be no pain in the tooth because related nerves and infection have been removed by the surgeon.
  3. Adding a crown or filling
    Your tooth will be in the fragile state as it was before and its pulp receives nourishment from ligament which joins the tooth and the bone. This nourishment supply is sufficient; but with the passage of time, the tooth will become brittle. So the patient needs a crown or filling which will offer protection. Till the time crown or filling becomes complete, the patient should not use the tooth, once the crown or filling takes place; the person can use the tooth again. This treatment takes one clinical visit only but if curved canals, multi canals or large infections are in the tooth then in this situation additional appointments may be needed.

How painful is it?

The patient always fears that the treatment will be painful, but if a trained dental surgeon carries the procedure, it could be relatively painless. It is interesting to know about the pain which patient feel comes from the infection; not from the treatment. Dental surgeon relieves the pain by numbing the tooth and surrounding area with the help of local anesthesia. Immediately after treatment, some tenderness is normal. This tenderness and discomfort are temporary, and pain medication may relieve it. Your dentist may prescribe an antibiotic to treat or prevent infection.

Who needs Root Canal Procedure?

Patients who feel following symptoms:-

  • When the pulp injures, it could not repair itself.
  • When bacteria enter the tooth pulp, through cracked tooth space.
  • The bacteria will finally destroy the pulp. If the bacteria penetrate through the root openings; it may cause an infection in the bone.
  • An infection will weaken the bone and break it down, ligaments around the tooth will swell, and the tooth will become loose.
  • Pulp injuries make the tooth sensitive for high and low temperatures and while chewing some of the people have continuous, throbbing pain.

Without treatment, the infection will spread. Eventually, the tooth becomes loose and demands extraction. Some patients choose extraction; especially when a tooth hurts or no restoration is possible and in case of vast tooth decay, trauma or loss of bone. Removing a tooth may mean that surrounding teeth will start to move and will become crooked; it will look ugly and make bites hard. Root canal dental procedure saves the tooth and eliminates the pain. Saving natural tooth is best because nothing functions or performs as well as a natural tooth; but if it is not possible to save a tooth, the next option is a tooth implant.

Root Canal: Cost

Cost of dental treatment varies, but saving the tooth with a root canal is expensive generally. The other option is extraction; the cost of an implant or bridge to replace the tooth is more expensive. Extraction is a reason for misaligned teeth and difficulty chewing.

Root Canal Treatment Complications

Like any other procedure, in root canal procedure some complications may occur:

  • If the dentist could find three root canals only, and not all four; the infection may spread to the bone
  • Filling material should be reached far enough into the canal; if the root canal does not properly seal, then the infection could return.
  • During the root canal procedure, the root of the tooth cracks or instruments can also break in a canal; these conditions may make treatment difficult.
  • To avoid complications patient should follow the dentist’s instruction, it is important to finish the entire process. It is also essential to have a permanent restoration like a crown, once the root canal procedure becomes complete.


  • Maintain a habit of brushing the last thing of your day and one more time.
  • Using toothpaste which has fluoride
  • Using a suitable toothbrush and change it regularly
  • Attending regular dental check-ups and cleanings
  • Flossing to clean between the teeth and preventing the buildup of plaque
  • Avoiding sugary drinks and foods and following a healthy diet.
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Root Canal Treatment- After Care

When you encounter horrendous agony and distress on your teeth, you may think do you require root canal treatment? This method is normally known as endodontic treatment. The treatment is suggested when the nerve is infected and aggravated; this typically occurs because of tooth decay or if the tooth is split, broken or harmed.

Your dental expert will look for a method for evacuating the contaminated mash. In this way; the dentist looks for an opening in the tooth, it will empower the dental practitioner to evacuate the mash and clean the canal area. Subsequent to evacuating the mash and cleaning, the gap will be fixed with cement. Fixing the gap avoids further harm. A visit to an endodontist or dental practitioner is essential in deciding do you really require this procedure? Patients are instructed to pursue guidance with their dental specialists because they know whether the procedure can totally fix your concern.


As per the dental practitioners, tooth pain is the most well-known symptom of root disease. This agony can be gentle or serious. It depends upon the dimension of disease. This agony can increase amid the day or while chewing and utilizing the tooth. A few patients with root disease feel tooth affectability to hot or cold fluids and sustenances. The gums can demonstrate side effects of root canal infection as well. The gums will behave delicate and swollen close to the infected zone. In this condition put an ice pack on the jaw. That will help with lessening the pain. You should then contact or visit a dental practitioner at the soonest. The dental specialists have what it takes and types of equipment to demonstrate if the side effects are brought about by root infection or disease.


The treatment procedure starts with an appropriate examination of the tooth. An X-Ray will analyze the issue. The X-Ray pictures will demonstrate the root. In the examination of teeth, the dental expert will uncover to you the best action to be made.
In case if contamination is unpredictable or widespread, your dentist will send you to an endodontist. The endodontist is an expert that treats nerve harm. The specialist will decide if the root canal system is necessary or if any less intrusive treatment will be fine. That will be based on their discoveries.


After treatment the tooth will go well, in any case, good tooth care would be required; the success rate of treatment is generally high. Following are some methods to maintain teeth in good health:-

  • Practice good oral care :- Floss your teeth and brush twice daily. This habit will save you from future damage.
  • Visit the dentist daily : – It will give surety of deep cleaning.
  • Avoid biting hard food : – Chewing hard and cold food can initiate breakage of the tooth.

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